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What’s Fasting- healthy NOT eating

Fasting has been around since ancient times, and we are able to apply the knowledge and benefit for modern health. Evidence suggests that fasting stimulates positive influences on the body, mental health, weight loss and our immune system.

Fasting can contribute to brain health, and happiness! Who wouldn’t want that?

Studies and experiments on brain health, nerve factors and positive moods where the restriction of calories- intermittent fasting, showed significantly lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s.

Cancer cells are less able than normal cells to survive a lack of sugar. Finding ways to have less or no processed sugars, is now an informed choice.

Continuous research is being done and showing the benefits of FASTING, and its not just not a passing fad.

The benefits of eating only during limited hours include, weight management, digestive rest, lowers inflammation, and its disease fighting. Most importantly, there’s the longevity aspect to look forward to.


GIVE FASTING A GO but check in with your preferred health advisor first- always be responsible!

There are many styles, and practices for fasting, please do your own research, find what suits you individually..

Here’s an easy one- two or three times a week to start,then listen to your body about how to proceed!

16 hours - fast from an early dinner the night before ‘til lunchtime.

It’s just a smaller window time for feeding and a longer time for digestive rest.

*Green tea, alkaline water and walking are gentle for this non eating time.

Research and know your own body.


Feeling Clarity, vitality energy, from GOOD food to NO food and back again..CHECK IT.

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